Bringing as many of your goods and personal items to your new home in Nova Scotia is extremely important. UK 2 NS recommend that you bring as much as you can.

Around 2-3 months before your emigration date, contact shipping companies for quotes. UK 2 Nova Scotia’s recommended shippers offer our clients’ a discount and a superior service.

When Emigrating to Canada, goods which you own, have used and possessed, and are bringing with you are duty free, once only. Customs (CBSA) will require a completed ‘goods to follow list’ and a shipping inventory.

How to complete your Goods to follow list

When moving to Canada you will be given a Shipping Inventory by your shipping company; ideally you will also present customs/ immigration with your list of goods accompanying you and also goods that will follow you later.

You can download the forms here:

Bsf 186 download (PDF)


Bsf 186a download (PDF)


Remember to make two copies of all your shipping forms and B4/ B4A forms.
If you are bringing goods with you (accompanying) and also have goods to follow later, you will need TWO lists. Each list will have a ‘cover’ B4 form. Additional items will be listed on the B4a form.

So, for the vast majority of families landing, you will have:

  • Goods with you – B4 cover form and B4a form if the sections on the B4 form are not enough to cover these goods.
  • Goods to Follow – B4 cover form and almost certainly 1-2 B4a sheets with additional items.

Ideally, copy your shipping inventory list over to the B4/ B4a Forms for goods to follow.

B4/ B4a forms require that you also include resale values of items in CAD$, along with a total value.

Can I bring electrical items?

Yes. Many items such as TVs can be used with a voltage converter. Electricals to leave behind as a rule of thumb are White Goods (Fridges, washers etc) and smaller electrical items with high wattages (generally appliances that heat up such as kettles, Irons etc).