Buying a property in Nova Scotia

The Real Estate market in Nova Scotia differs from the UK in a few vital areas, including that a Realtor (Real Estate Agent) is highly qualified and undergoes constant training, also that they can show you ANY property on the open market. It is fairly normal for the purchasing process to only take 3-4 weeks. All Real Estate fees are paid for by the VENDOR. Non residents can also own property; if this is of interest, you also have the option of renting to our clientele using our website.

Most listed properties can be viewed on

Why use our recommended agents?
Realtors we recommend are not only experienced and professional, they also, due to their knowledge of the relocation marketplace, bring a extra dimension to the service you receive. Perhaps you wish to look at different areas and houses during a scouting trip? Our recommended Realtors can explain the intricacies of the marketplace and show you a selection of homes and areas. As a bonus, if you decide to buy property through one of our recommended Agents, we present you with our store discount card.

We’re interested in buying a home in Nova Scotia, where do I start?
Once registered for our free service, our recommended Realtor will then send relevant information to you and can answer any of your detailed questions via email and phone. Prior to coming over to Nova Scotia, a meeting and preliminary itinerary can also be arranged.

When it’s time to Buy
Many families who emigrate to Nova Scotia may look to buy either prior to moving or soon after landing. Once you have seen a house you wish to offer on, your Realtor will present a written offer to the seller. The seller can accept, reject or counter offer. Once accepted, subject to your conditions such as selling your home, water tests, inspections, finance etc, the property is yours upon completion.

What else do I Pay for?
This can vary dependent on area and price of your new home. Generally a DEED TRANSFER TAX is applicable of 1.5% of the value of the property. Lawyer and inspection fees will be chargeable (usually around $1000-1500). You may also have to pay for any property taxes (and oil) which have been paid for by the seller for periods exceeding the closing date.

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